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Adam Pike, Operations Manager, Arborcare Herts
Adam Pike, Operations Manager, Arborcare Herts

We run a tree surgery business in Hertfordshire servicing domestic and commercial clients.

We have been using Arb Pro since it was first released, We use the software for all of our quoting, work management and invoicing. I can’t imagine running my business without the office software and mobile app

John Clark, Director J&D Clark Ltd, Tree Work Specialists, Chesham, UK
John Clark, Director J&D Clark Ltd, Tree Work Specialists, Chesham, UK

I have been using Arb Pro since its original launch, and would be unable to run my business as I do without it.

The system and mobile app is vital in letting me easily and quickly gather job task info, risk assessment and tool selection while on job site. This is all tailored to be compatible with my generic risk assessment, and allows easy and quick production of detailed work packs. It also provides the quick and efficient control of customers and their account info.

Being an AA Arb Approved Contractor, paperwork has to be thorough and clear, this system makes this easy and If I did not have Arb Pro, it would definitely necessitate the employment of a secretary. This system is not perfect yet, but has improved greatly since original release, with new regular updates and improvements ongoing.

I highly recommend

Matt Prince, Prince Tree Surgery, Brentwood, Essex
Matt Prince, Prince Tree Surgery, Brentwood, Essex

I had been looking for a way to streamline our paper work for a couple of years before I came across Arb Pro.

It was in its early stages when I first made contact with Mark, but on speaking with Mark it was evident Arb Pro was improving all the time and I was so excited I signed up straight away!

Nearly three years later I am now left wondering how I ever managed without Arb Pro software. The Mobile app makes life so easy for quoting, teaming this up with the cloud based desk top version, we have cut our time spent organising managing invoices, by more than half. Using the software gives us more time to concentrate on other areas of running our business.

Match this with the fact that we have all our client information to hand coupled with past quotes or works completed, contact information and adaptability to change or recreate this information.

Dave Myers, Myers Tree Care, Manchester
Dave Myers, Myers Tree Care, Manchester

Arb Pro, what can I say, I have been contracting in the Arboricultural industry for the past 20 years and over that time have suffered with the collation of client / job information and also presenting it, in a simple and presentable form.

This has now been made possible with the application of Arb Pro within Myers Tree Care and I can honestly say, it has been the best acquisition after a chipper all those years ago!!!

Now all my client information is input just once! (No double inputting of data!) all client info is then downloaded onto my mobile device ready for the site visits. Once on site I have the edge straight away over the last contractor that visited “with their duplicate sheets of paper” etc, and often creates very positive feedback from the clients when we are using our mobile app.

When the site / job information is entered on the mobile, including the Risk Assessment and pictures, etc, you can leave site without having the need for pen or paper!

After an average of 15 site visits each day, it’s back to the office to upload them and with the click a couple of buttons, it’s done and the quotes are ready to send to each client within minutes!

Before Arb Pro it was a very different story and would take literally hours to get to the “send quotation stage” Life could not be easier now thanks to Arb Pro.

If you are considering a system that will help you be ahead and compliant, then I can only say “get Arb Pro” 100%, the support offered once you subscribe, is second to none, Mark and the team are only phone call away and with my limited computer skills they have been there for me every step of the way.

Hamps Valley, Leek, Staffordshire
Hamps Valley, Leek, Staffordshire

Here at Hamps Valley Ltd we have been using Arbpro software for years.

The difference it makes to me and my company?

When you send a quote, it looks brilliantly professional with the T&Cs attached and the customer gets a text to say they have it. I'm sure we have won jobs by this alone even with out being the cheapest. The hassle it saves me figuring who has paid and when, its easy to send reminders and the accountants love it as it exports all the info straight to their system.

Honestly I don't how we worked before. I'm sure I lost money by people just not paying and me forgetting, not any more though. And that is all before the ease and speed of quoting. We are also thinking of going Arb approved soon and the Arbpro system gets you through alot of the hoops without having to jump.

Mark and the team are always updating the system so things keep improving, making the system even easier to use.

Many thanks to Mark and his team