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Arb Pro is the CRM for tree surgeons in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and USA

What Arb Pro users are saying...

  • Tree Craft Ltd

    Tree Craft began using Arb Pro back in 2014. Over that time, Arb Pro has evolved from being a good system, into a brilliant system and an indispensable part of our company. I can’t imagine having to use another system

    • Tree Craft Ltd
    • Richard Arnold, Director
    • Sevenoaks, Kent
  • Steve Blyth

    What a change Arb Pro has made to my life running a small tree surgery company. I was bogged down with quotes and invoices and this software is an absolute game changer for us! For an old dinosaur like me (53) I found the first couple of weeks a struggle, however, support is always available with live support online and or by phone, Mark and the team have been there every step of the way from day one.

    • Steve Blyth
    • Portsmouth
  • Michelle Swanson

    Arb Pro has been a life changing tool for us, we can't thank Mark enough, our business has doubled in turnover in a year!  Not only that but both my business partner and I used to work nights and weekends, drowning with keeping up with quotes and paperwork. We actually have a life now.

    • Michelle Swanson
    • Armes Tree Solutions Ltd
    • New Zealand
  • James Dyson

    Here at Gloaming Tree Surgery we made the decision to use ArbPro earlier this year. Already I don't know how we would cope without it! It puts all aspects of running the business in one place, it reduces time spent on site and in the office.

    • James Dyson
    • Director
    • Doncaster
  • A A Tree Surgeons

    Arb Pro saves me so much time and looks very professional from a client’s point of view, I am certain it has won jobs for me. In my opinion, this program is a must to bring backoffice operations into a more integrated digital era and we wouldn't be without it.

    • A A Tree Surgeons
    • Andy Harrison, Director
    • Derbyshire
  • Adams Tree Professionals

    You can keep track on any applications submitted to the council, quotes pending, accepted, booked or sent and invoices pending, paid or overdue which then links with our accounting system. It’s absolutely fabulous!

    • Adams Tree Professionals
    • Tom Adams & Rose Adams
    • London

Arb Office

Arb Pro is the ultimate Customer relationship management (CRM) tool for Tree Contractors and Arborists. Arb Pro provides all the tools you need to help streamline your business and make every day management more efficient. Managing Quotations, invoices, tools, risk assessment and so much more is possible. Marketing whether by email or mail merge can be daunting and time consuming but with Arb Pro it's a breeze, providing a platform to stay in contact with your clients and keep them coming back year after year.

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Arb Quotes

The companion mobile surveyor/estimator app is available from the app store for iPad or iPhone. Even before signing up with Arb Pro you can download the app, login in demonstration mode and access all the on-device features. Once signed up, you can use your login details to access and download appointments and sync back completed appointments with tree pictures, maps, risk assessments, tools required, work logistics and tree work items including associated costs. There is no additional fee for the mobile app!

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Arb Work

Arb Work

Arb Work is a mobile app designed for tree teams undertaking work to organise, manage and complete booked tree work in a more organised and paperless way. Tree work is downloaded from the software program “Arb Office” that is booked and agreed, completed work is signed off on the mobile app, including pictures of completed work and uploaded to Arb Office when teams return to the yard following completion of the day’s work.

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Accounts Integrations

Accounts Integrations

With Sage, Quickbooks, Xero or Kashflow syncing is seamless and automated with Arb Pro. Whilst users are working in Arb Pro adding new clients raising invoices and marking as paid, all the data is quietly being synced. Syncing does not require any interaction by the user, Arb Pro does it all for you! This integration can save users hours of time each week updating accounts with invoices raised, amended or marked as paid.

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