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Arb Work is a mobile app designed for tree teams undertaking work to organise, manage and complete booked tree work in a more organised and paperless way. Tree work is downloaded from the software program “Arb Office” that is booked and agreed, completed work is signed off on the mobile app, including pictures of completed work and uploaded to Arb Office when teams return to the yard following completion of the day’s work.

Checking Booked Work with Arb Work App

Booked Work

Users are able to see all of their work booked in list order. Clicking on any booked job allows the user to see everything that is needed for the job in summary format and users can quickly progress into a job.

Arb Work Calendar


You are out of the office and need to know your availability for tree work and what’s already booked. When users download booked work for the day, the download also shows sales appointments all ready booked for the user.

Arb Work App Site Plans

Site Plans

Mapping the location of trees to populate a site plan is possible at quote stage, provided the surveyor has mapped the location of each tree, each trees location and tree number is displayed on a map enabling ease of location when onsite undertaking work.

Arb Work App Pictures


Taking and annotating pictures to emphasis agreed works is possible, in the picture below the finished height of the tree is shown with a red marker. This feature is really useful as a pictorial agreement between the company and client as to what has been agreed, “A picture is worth a thousand words” particularly when it comes to completed work! Viewing past pictures of trees at quote stage and new pictures of completed work is all possible with the Work App.

Arb Work App Tools


Recording tools needed for a job is vitally important, ensuring staff know exactly what tools are needed for each job when work is booked in the calendar. Arb Work allows tree teams to view every tool needed for a job and easily helps crews in the morning gather all the tools needed for that day’s work and avoids issues related to forgetting an important tool when starting work on site!

Arb Work App Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments

Users are able to fully customise and build their own site specific risk assessment templates using Arb Pro. Users can add their own methods for risk assessment and reference their own generic risk documents for control measures and competently demonstrate clear systems of assessment for risk management. Quite simply ticking “Yes” chainsaw on ground will be used, will reference the control measures in the particular document for example and this methodology is applied to all risk items. Once set up all risk assessment templates are available to download to the mobile app. All staff working onsite can sign the risk assessment and signatures are uploaded onto the completed risk assessment when the job is marked as completed and uploaded back to Arb Office.

Arb Work App Tree Costs

Tree Costs (£/$)

Recording the value of jobs and individual items when quoting for work, is obviously important enabling the user to later compile and send the customer a quotation. Item values are continually calculated as the user adds work ensuring the total cost is visible at all times and if necessary enabling the user to adjust individual items up or down in value. When synced on return to the office all of the work is uploaded, no more hours spent typing quotes, just press the sync button and it’s done. All work is downloaded onto the app at work stage and the user also has the ability to add more work on the day ready for invoicing.

Arb Work Risk Management

Risk Management

Users are able to carry digital copies of risk management documents for a job such as a method statement or copies of generic risk assessments for example. User also have the ability share copies of these documents with a simple attach and email function for all health and safety documents.

Arb Work Customer Signatures

Customer Signatures

Users are able to capture a customer signature at the end of the job to confirm satisfaction with a job.

Arb Work App Invoice from Site

Invoice From Site

Users are able to send an invoice from the app whilst still onsite

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