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Arb Pro Reviewed in Arboricultural Association Newsletter

Arb Pro Reviewed in Arboricultural Association Newsletter

This is from the Arboricultural Association Newsletter, an extract in the Arborists' Business section in an article titled 'Mechanics' written by Paul Elcoat of Elcoat Ltd.

Arb Pro is discussed......

Througout its lengthy development it has been tested daily with everything that could ever happen to a tree contracting company. The system manages the client base reactively on a daily basis and provides data input mechanisms and job management tools. These also include the ability to use a tablet PC in the field and synchronise data with the main database on the server when returning to the office. Additionally the system provides proactive marketing tools to manipulate untapped marketing opportunities.

A massive amount of information can be derived from the this system in terms of customer buying patterns etc., but even in if the user only runs it to generate quotes and invoices it is very valuable.

Paul goes on to say....

In terms of ARB Approved and ISO9001, having a system such as the one created by Mark would make it easy to achieve the requirements.

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