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Software for your tree surgery business

Software for your tree surgery business

At Arb Pro, we talk to our customers a lot about making more sales, after all we want our clients to succeed in their tree surgery business. Our own success is driven by our customers’ success, so it only makes sense we put our customers needs front and center.

We’ve been working hard for the past 10 years growing and developing our software to help make our customers lives at work a little simpler and more organized, a central place to keep and recall of their own customer’s data. The development journey is ongoing and driven by our user’s requirements.

We’ve developed a deep understanding of our customers, and we listen to their feedback and needs to run their business. Its important all new joining customers understand they also will be part of our journey if they want. Their use and interpretation of the software and each users needs are important building blocks in our growth as a business. Where ever possible customer feedback is used to drive new development and functionality built into our existing cloud office software and mobile apps.

What keeps us going year after year?

The fact that we are empowered to think differently about how we can constantly improve the software and user experience. Right now we are working on improvements in the office software, adding charts and graphs so that users can analyse their data. We are also working on improvements to the mobile app that will allow users to send quotes from the field! Our mission is to ensure customers experience using the software is constantly improved, giving our users the edge over their immediate competitors in their local areas.

Customer Success is something we think about all the time, helping our users achieve more sales is an important goal for us.

Why is our user’s success so important to us?

Without user success, there’s no success for any of us. It’s that simple. Our users are expert tree surgeons and we are experts in software development, so it’s our job to make it easy for them to win more work as best we can whilst using our software. We connect with our users bring them the latest technology and innovations, whilst ensuring their data is safe, and exhibit strong financial performance so they can rely on us for years to come. When we deliver on these needs, we all achieve success together.

How do we stay connected with our customers?

We regularly receive feedback and update our users via email newsletters with new planned development, we use feedback to drive new development. This process of contact and communication between us and our users helps us develop a thorough understanding of their needs, objectives, and challenges, becoming familiar with their everyday requirements.